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by Mindsights Consulting

2-Days workshop
Introduction to Sustainability and ESG
Designed to help government organizations, institutions and companies to gain clarity of direction on how to equip themselves against the mounting requirement in this area


Sustainability have been getting a lot of traction in the recent years. The Malaysian
government has stepped up programs to address sustainability issues such as Green
tax incentives, National Carbon Reporting Program (MyCarbon), Tax incentives under
the Green Technology Investments for products and services and National
Conservation Fund.

On top of it, external pressures from stakeholders to disclose Sustainability practices
and ESG reporting especially from Government, Financing institutions, NGOs and
communities has heated up the requirements for organizations to transition to
behaviors that is aligned with practices that supports sustainability. In many
organizations, the race towards implementing Sustainability agenda at organizations
can feel overwhelming leading to the feeling of powerlessness.

However when shown simple steps to reduce their own carbon footprint, impotence
was quickly replaced with impatience to act. To transition effectively and successfully
to sustainability practices at any organizational levels, it is imperative that employees
understand the foundations of sustainability, impact of climate change, carbon
footprint and its effect to the environment, transition of committees in charge of
transition at local levels and individual behaviors.

This course provides local authority officers, leaders, managers employees and
elected members of the staff with the essential foundations and skills on Sustainability
ESG, and basic foundations to help them formulate policies and behaviors with the
focus towards sustainability, community and profitability.

After completing the 2-days training, which can be further split over several
modules via Learning Management Systems (LMS), participants can be certified
“carbon literate” upon completion of their modules. This involves completing an action
plan that commits participants to individual and group action to reduce their carbon

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