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Cyber Security Workshop

by Mindsights Consulting

2-Day Cyber Security workshop on
Cyber Threat Detection and Response Skills
for Non-Cybersecurity Employees


It can be a scary time for businesses and consumers who are worried about cyber threats. The threats certainly exist, and they’re getting increasingly potent and frequent. The attackers are varied, with many worrisome imbalances between attackers and their targets.

However, there are solutions for these problems. But it entails awareness and upskilling of employees especially those in charge of the security of their business data.
Even if a company is targeted by a powerful nation-state, it is still possible to protect critical digital assets. It takes planning and commitment of resources, but a good security operations team or a proactive individual can stay on top of most of the most serious cyber threats.

Register for our Cyber Threat Detection & Response Skills for non-cybersecurity employees.

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