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While your first job won’t make or break your career, you can ensure a solid start by equipping yourself with digital skills that all future employers will desire. Get ICDL Certified or join our Graduate Trainee Programme to secure a well-paying first job.

Prep Yourself For Long Term Success


A workforce certification program (ICDL) for employability and productivity


A professional certification program (ICDL) for occupational digital effectiveness


Graduate Trainee Programme

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Internship

Enjoy a curated learning path with on-the-job training at Microsoft Solutions partners and a potential full-time job with competitive salary at the end. 

  • Foundation skills on Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • Hands-on sessions 

  • Interactive group learning 

  • Soft skills development and professional certification for digital competency

  • Mentorship with industry ERP experts

  • Competitive income potential upon job offer by industry partner

Ready To Secure Your Dream Job?

Specialised roles await successfully trained graduates

The following are some of the job opportunities and roles of Microsoft Dynamics Professionals that you may be offered following your stint with BizAcademia.

Application/ Functional Consultant 

  • Create and implement new software programs and applications to meet specific business goals and customer needs. 

  • Manage and troubleshoot existing software applications and programs, finding and implementing solutions to existing and potential problems. 


Software Developer / Technical Consultant

  • Also known as a computer programmer, you will be playing a key role in the design, installation, testing and maintenance of software systems. 

  • The programs you create are likely to help businesses be more efficient and provide a better service. 

  • Work in partnership with clients, advising them on how to use information technology in order to meet their business objectives or overcome problems. 

  • Improve the structure and efficiency of IT systems in various organizations. 


Project Manager 

  • Overall responsible for the successful initiation, planning, design, execution, monitoring, controlling and closure of a project. 

  • Requires a mixture of technical knowledge and leadership, they oversee both the product being produced and the people performing the work.

Frequenty Asked Questions

What is the duration of the internship and how much is the allowance?

Duration of the Internship program Is a minimum of 4 months or longer depending on your University requirements with on allowance of RMI000 a month.

​Is it 100% guarantee that I will get a permanent job after internship?

BizAcodemla will help to connect you with our hiring partners and help with the recruitment process.

However It will be up to your work performance and attitude during the internship period.

What is the requirement to qualify for Internship?

CGPA 3.2 and above, the correct course study (relevant to the position applied), good communication in English and Interesting personality. 



Student has to be in their final semester of Degree program, In the relevant course study.

Who are the employers and what is the job scope?

The employers are from the IT Software Solutions industry. The job scope is listed here.

What is the education background required?

​For Functional / Application Consultant

  • Accounting, Business related degree


For Software Developer / Technical Consultant

  • Computer Science and IT background

How is the training conducted?

The Initial first month training Is facilitated by a Trainer at our Training Lob. It is a comprehensive course specifically designed to fit Into the employers' requirements to ensure that you gain enough knowledge to enhance your internship.


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