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Sustainability and ESG 101


2 Days


In-House Training

About the Course

Sustainability and ESG 101

Sustainability 101

o Understanding how we get to this stage

o Key sustainability issues

o UN Sustainable Development Goals

o Business case for Sustainability

o The carbon footprint

Understanding Climate Change

o What is climate change and its causes of carbon emissions

o Designing ESG scorecard and targets

o How does climate change affect businesses

o Understanding GHG Protocol: Scope 1, 2 and 3

o The difference between direct emissions and emissions generated by value chains

o Mitigating strategies for GHG emissions

Sustainability Engagement

o Workshop: Aligning SDGs with the company’s vision and mission statements

o Getting a buy-in: How to be empowered with stakeholders

o How to up-skill teams for sustainability

o Measuring progress and reporting structures

o Policies and implementation

Participants will learn the following

  • How our climate is changing, what’s causing it and how bad it’s expected to get in the future

  • What we need to do according to the science to tackle climate change

  • How local authorities fit into the problem – including the emissions they have influence over and what

  • they can do to reduce them

  • The carbon footprint of the various industries within the local municipality and the key ways that can

  • reduce their emissions

  • The co-benefits of tackling climate change

  • How to talk to others about climate change

Your Instructor

Fareed Abdul Ghani

Fareed Abdul Ghani

Fareed was trained as a lawyer, holds an MBA and several professional certification. He is an avid environmental junkie with MBA in Finance in Investment and holds a Certificate in Sustainable Development Goals award from University of Copenhagen and several other certifications in Sustainability and ESG.

Fareed is also a panel of trainers and coaches for SME Bank focusing on Sustainability and ESG for SMEs applying for financing. He is a HRDCorp TTT certified trainer & trained coach with International Coach Federation (ICF) and a certified trainer with HRDCorp.

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