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2 Days


In-House Training


About the Course


Roll Up Your Sleeves: Turn Sustainability Conversations into Action with Our

Level 2 Workshop!

Ready to move beyond the basics and transform your sustainability aspirations into tangible results? This action-packed, 2-day workshop, "Sustainability and ESG: Implementation and Reporting," is your launchpad for turning ambition into impact. Building on the foundation you established in our Level 1 course; we'll dive deep into the practical aspects of implementing and reporting your sustainability journey.

Get ready to:

  • Chart your course: Master the GATHERR Framework to conceptualize and

    build a robust Sustainability Roadmap tailored to your organization.

  • Assemble your sustainability champions: Form a dedicated Sustainability

    Committee & Team, conduct a thorough Readiness Assessment, and secure

    the necessary Sustainability Budget to fuel your progress.

  • Identify what truly matters: Conduct a comprehensive Materiality Assessment

    to pinpoint the most critical ESG issues for your organization and stakeholders.

  • Action speaks louder than words: Craft impactful Sustainability Action Plans

    with measurable Metrics and Targets, continuously refining your Sustainability

    Roadmap for maximum impact.

  • Walk the talk, measure, and communicate: Learn best practices for data

    collection, analysis, and interpretation, effectively communicating your progress through corporate communication strategies and navigating the ever evolving reporting landscape.

  • Continuous improvement is key: Engage with stakeholders, refine your

    approach based on feedback, and develop a Long-Term Sustainability

    Roadmap for lasting positive change.

This workshop is your chance to become a true sustainability changemaker,

equipped with the knowledge and tools to make a real difference within your

organization and beyond.

Your Instructor

Mr Woon

Mr Woon

Woon is a business and sustainability consultant, specializing in business modelling and strategies, market commercialization and financial strategies. He is the business sustainability and financial management advisor. He has many years of experience in corporate exercises and managing finance functions in various groups and industries.

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