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2 Days


In-House Training

About the Course



Designed to empower sales leaders and managers with the skills and strategies needed to effectively orchestrate high-performing sales teams. Participants will explore key elements of sales team management, including building a winning sales culture, fostering effective communication, defining and aligning roles, promoting collaboration, performance management, coaching, and continuous improvement.


Session 1 Introduction to Effective Sales Team Orchestration

 Understanding the importance of sales team orchestration for success

 Key elements and principles of effective sales team management

 Exploring the role of sales leaders in orchestrating high-performing teams

Session 2 Building a Winning Sales Culture

 Defining and cultivating a positive sales culture within the team

 Establishing shared goals, values, and a collaborative environment

 Fostering motivation, engagement, and accountability among team members

Session 3 Effective Sales Team Communication

 Enhancing communication within the sales team and across departments

 Utilizing effective communication channels and tools

 Active listening, feedback, and fostering open dialogue

Session 4 Empowering Others

 Presentation on the role of empowerment in effective leadership

 Thought-provoking questions: Encourage participants to evaluate their current

approach to empowering others

 Case studies and group discussions: Explore strategies for empowering team members and fostering a culture of growth and development


Session 1 Sales Team Training and Development

 Designing and implementing a comprehensive training program for sales team


 Conducting skill assessments and identifying individual training needs

 Developing a training roadmap for continuous professional development

Session 2 Sales Team Motivation and Incentives

 Designing effective motivation and incentive programs

 Strategies for fostering a competitive yet supportive environment

 Leveraging recognition and rewards to drive performance and team spirit

Session 3 Sales Team Performance Analysis and Continuous Improvement

 Analyzing sales team performance data and metrics

 Identifying improvement areas and developing action plans

 Implementing a culture of continuous improvement and innovation

Session 4 Sales Team Leadership and Succession Planning

 Developing future sales leaders within the team

 Succession planning and talent development strategies

 Ensuring a smooth transition during leadership changes or promotions

Your Instructor

Mandy Sam

Mandy Sam

Mandy's initiation into formal coaching occurred through her participation in the Vistage Malaysia program, an American franchise of an Executive coaching program. This experience has proven immensely beneficial, fostering her professional and personal development significantly. In alignment with Bill Gates' philosophy, Mandy firmly subscribes to the idea that "everyone needs a coach. We all require individuals who can provide constructive feedback, as that is how we achieve improvement," as articulated by Bill Gates himself.

Having dedicated the majority of her career to the field of sales, Mandy's journey began with IBM in an inside sales role, evoking memories of a bygone era when she first delved into the realm of Information Technology. Her learning was hands-on, surrounded by pre-sales engineers and their ubiquitous array of technical gadgets. This immersive experience allowed her to comprehend fundamental IT concepts, such as hard disks and fans, through direct observation and interaction with tech savvy colleagues. This approach facilitated her swift transition to a permanent role at IBM, marking the shortest path to secure employment within the organization. Notably, it was during her tenure at IBM in 2001 that Mandy formally acquired expertise in "Solution Selling – Signature Selling Method."
Subsequently, Mandy embarked on a diverse journey encompassing various roles and affiliations, spanning local and international entities, both large and small. These experiences have enriched her with extensive exposure to the Asian market. Driven by an unwavering commitment to equip individuals with essential sales skills, recognizing that we all engage in selling endeavours.

Continually, she founded Coachme Asia. Her aspiration is to democratize coaching, making it accessible to all. Within this context, her primary focus is on aiding businesses in optimizing their sales performance through coaching, encompassing both in-person and virtual instructor-led workshop.

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