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Financial for Non-Finance (Mastering The Essentials)


1 Day


In-House Training

About the Course


Type of Course

Training and Workshop on Finance and Accounting Fundamentals, for non-finance personnel, professionals and managers.

Type of Training

Practical Classroom Activities Case Studies Coaching Personal Development Online Learning & Assessment (Optional)

Skill Focus Area

Finance and accounting basics Financial Statements fundamentals Financial Ratios Budgeting and Forecasting Financial Planning & Analysis Treasury Management Tax Planning & Management Risk, Returns & Communications Capital & Money Market Sustainable Finance

Who Should Attend?

✓ Board of Directors, Managers and Executives: Enhance your decision-making prowess by gaining a profound understanding of financial dynamics that drive your organization.

✓ Professionals from Non-Finance Backgrounds: Demystify financial jargon and elevate your confidence in financial discussions, enabling you to play a more impactful role in your organization's financial strategy.

✓ Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners: Take command of your business finances, from budgeting and cost management to strategic funding and investment choices.

✓ Anyone Seeking Financial Literacy: Whether you're starting your career or aiming to bolster your financial know-how, this course provides a robust foundation in finance.

Course Objectives and Outcomes

By the end of this workshop, you should develop:

  1. Master Financial Basics: Gain a holistic understanding of finance's role, recognize key functions in finance and corporate governance, and address stakeholders' diverse accounting information needs.

  2. Decode Financial Statements: Navigate financial reporting intricacies and confidently analyze crucial financial statements. Interpret Balance Sheets, P&L Statements, Cash Flow Statements, Statements of Changes in Equity, and Notes to the Accounts, utilizing financial analysis as a strategic asset.

  3. Harness the Power of Financial Ratios: Dive into financial ratios to evaluate organizational performance. Calculate and interpret liquidity, profitability, operational efficiency, leverage, and market value ratios. Apply these insights to informed decision-making.

  4. Budgeting, Planning, and Forecasting: Uncover the potency of budgets for effective financial planning. Navigate budget processes with finesse, aligning them with strategic goals. Understand financial budgets, identify variances, and optimize performance.

  5. Financial Analysis & Cost Management: Explore cost classifications and cost control strategies, enhancing overall profitability. Utilize Cost Volume Profit (CVP) Analysis for resource allocation and cost management decisions.

  6. Treasury Management: Manage daily cash flow operations and align them with strategic funding. Grasp the essentials of working capital management, optimizing cash flow for business stability. Explore strategic funding, investment appraisal techniques, and financing options.

  7. Tax Planning & Management: Navigate tax complexities, from planning to operational management, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

  8. Risks, Returns, and Communications: Evaluate risk-return dynamics in finance. Identify risk types and sources, and learn strategies for risk management. Enhance communication with finance professionals. Awareness on Capital & Money Markets and Sustainable Finance: Gain insights into capital and money markets and explore the growing realm of sustainable finance, including the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM).

Join us on this empowering journey, where financial mastery becomes your competitive advantage. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to excel, make informed decisions, and drive success in your organization. Start your financial transformation today!

HRDCorp Claimable:

Course name: Finance for Non-Finance: Mastering The Essentials

Claimable no.: 10001341252

Your Instructor

Xyphen Woon Foo Wen

Xyphen Woon Foo Wen

Name : Xyphen Woon Foo Wen

A business, finance and sustainability consultant, specializing in business modelling and strategies, project evaluation and financial strategies. I am also a trainer and coach for business, finance and sustainability topics.

He has numerous years of experience in corporate exercises, managing finance in various industries and involved in sustainability advisory.

1) Business Strategy & Modelling
2) Financial Strategy & Management
3) Financing & Funding
4) Mergers & Acquisitions
5) Corporate Exercises & Restructuring
6) Sustainability Consulting
7) Project Evaluation and Risk Advisory

Woon is a Fellow member of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and was admitted as a Chartered Accountant by the Malaysian Institute of Accountants in 2000.

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