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Cyber Threat Detection & Response Skills for Non-Cybersecurity Employees


2 Days


In-House Training

About the Course


This introduction to “Cyber Threat Detection & Response Skills for Non-cybersecurity Employees” is designed to help SME companies to gain clarity of direction on how to equip themselves against the mounting cyber threats in the world.

This is covered in three main topics:

• The gaps available in your organization that hackers will exploit

o Understanding how hackers will exploit your vulnerabilities based on your behavior.

o How social engineering gives way to exploiting your organizations weakness.

o How to close those gaps.

• Understanding the Hacking World

o Types of hackers and motivations.

o The common areas of organizational hacks and impact.

o Understanding the ins and outs of the Dark Web, Cloud Computing and Office 365.

o Best Practices.

• The Champion Cyber Security Team

o How to be empowered in the face of Cyber Threats.

o How to upskill teams for Cyber Threats and Future Threats.

o Horizon: Platform for Threat Hunting and Cyber Assurance

Your Instructor

Nurul Nadheerah Mohd Firdaus Ng

Nurul Nadheerah Mohd Firdaus Ng

Nadheerah started her career in risk management in 2003 when she was selected as one of the pioneering members to establish, develop and implement Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and the Audit Department. She was both CISA (Certified Information System Auditor) and Certified Risk Professional under the Asian Institute of Risk Management, Singapore. She was also an active evaluator of several other companies in Europe for their Risk Management software. She joined American Malaysia Chamber (AMCHAM) as a research fellow specifically for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Report. She later was offered the position of Government Relations Officer and took care of several committees and working groups whilst executing her roles and responsibilities in producing position papers and engaging in stakeholder consultations with the various ministries’ offices. In her stint with AMCHAM, she was involved in multiple halal white papers for pharmaceutical matters, including participating in various public consultations for the industry involving halal matters, GST, PDPA, Higher-Education, Competition law matters, etc. She ventured into the engineering space working in the areas of renewable energy, green building and green products including sustainable initiatives ranging from rainwater harvesting systems, solar, energy-efficient air conditioners, bio grid, etc. She married the concept of governance into the fabric of policies and ISO standards which would allow the organizations to have a clear reporting structure and scope.

Nadheerah looked into strategic management and using informed data and information in assisting the key stakeholders in the decision-making process, strategic realignment and in recent work on embarking on their ESG journey towards reassessing and implementing initiatives which transform the organization's overall strategies which also covers value creation; digitalization; communication; and the connections between risk management, business continuity and sustainability. She is the speaker for webinars on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), Effective Risk Management in the Malaysian Context, Value Creation for the Disruptive World, and currently developing materials on the effect of Metaverse on organizations in the Asia Pacific. She follows the principles of simplicity in a complex environment where organizations need clarity in terms of how and why organizations must ride the next disruptive wave.


• Masters in Strategic Business IT – Portsmouth, UK
• Post Graduate Diploma Strategic Business IT – NCC Education, UK
• CPRM, Certified Professional Risk Manager – ARiMI, Singapore
• Certified HRDF Train the Trainer Program
• Certified Information System Auditor (CISA) – ISACA
• Diploma in Agriculture Engineering – University of Putra, Malaysia

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