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Change Management Workshop


1 Day


In-house Training

About the Course

Organizational Change Management

Workshop Description

The workshop will provide an understanding of what is Change Management from Project Management point of view, the values it brings and why it should be part of any program/project delivery. Participants will have a hands-on experience to develop numbers of Change Management artefacts during the workshop and can immediately apply the knowledge next.

Who should attend

The course is suitable for all project managers and potential change managers regardless of their experience. It would benefit them to learn how to do better working with Change Manager, or run some of the deliverables on their own from Project Manager point of view.

Learning objectives

Throughout the training, the key takeaway at the end 1) Understand what is Change Management in Project implementation 2) What benefits Change Management will add. 3) Stakeholder Management 4) Develop custom fit Change Management Plan (i:e: Communication Plan, Training Plan, Engagement Plan).

Learning outcomes

Attendees would benefit by 1) Knowing how to incorporate Change Management into project budget and timeline 2) Provide awareness to project managers why Change Management is important 3) Understand the breakdown of tactical delivery in the overall Change Management Plan according to the organization culture and norms .

Training Course Outline

1) What is Change Management - Provide an overview Change Management background and history

2) What is Not Change Management - Provide misconception on Change Management in the industry

3) Change Management Models - To share the list of Change Management Models available in the market and how to pick the most feasible for your project

4) Project Management vs Change Management - To identify Change Management scope of work vs Project Management

5) Why Change Management - To understand the benefits, values and outcome expected when Change Management is done right

6) Change Network - Key Sponsors to Change Management - To provide list of key sponsors required in order to make Change Management successful

7) Change Management Deliverables - To provide common list of deliverables under Change Management in typical project management timeline, whether it is waterfall or Agile

8) Group Discussion/Exercise : Develop CM Plan - To understand how to develop a customized Change Management plan for your project by anchoring the plan and delivery to the project budget, scope and timeline

9) Group Discussion/Exercise : Develop Training Need Analysis - To understand the key parameter/element required to develop a detail training plan that fit to trainees job roles/functions without disruption to operation

10) Group Exercise: Develop Engagement/Communication Strategy & Plan - To understand the key parameter/element required to develop a practical yet impactful Engagement and Communication plan

11) Change Management as a Service Model (CMaaS) - How to establish a working Change Management unit in your organization and maintain a healthy size to serve your organization need

Your Instructor

Samuel Loh

Samuel Loh

Samuel’s roots in salesmanship has helped him to understand the challenges faced by
front liners and those on the field when it comes to chasing goals and achieving targets.
He is currently a corporate trainer and performance coach, specializing in leadership and
team collaboration.
With more than 16 years of working in global and regional financial institutions, Samuel
is able to tap into a plethora of experiences in sharing, connecting and motivating
people. Dynamic and energetic, he is involved in forums, panel discussions and
professional support groups. His experience as a retail bank branch manager has also
given him exposure as a community leader and financial services consultant. He is also a
HRDF certified trainer.
Samuel is also trained in SOLVE-model coaching and applies this school of technique
while dealing with his coachees and interacting with trainees. He firmly believes that by
concentrating on building solutions, rather than analyzing problems, he would be able to
help clients make measurable progress in the least needed time.
He always approaches any challenge with sincerity, dynamism and humour, and by doing
this he hopes that he would be able to infect all his course participants with the right
mindset in succeeding in achieving their personal goals.

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