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Business Model reinvention Workshop


2 Days


In-house Training

About the Course

Business Model Reinvention Workshop

Type of Course

Training and Workshop on Business Models, Business Model Canvas, Business Model tools, Strategy, Business Development.

Type of Training

  • Practical Classroom Activities

  • Case Studies

  • Coaching

  • Personal Development

  • Online Learning & Assessment (Optional)

Skill Focus Area

  • Basic Business Model knowledge

  • Basic Business Model tools skillset

Course Overview

"Unleashing Innovative Growth and Value Creation through Business Model" course designed exclusively for business owners, C-suites, managers, and business development professionals.

This engaging program empowers participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of their own businesses and equips them with the tools and knowledge to drive innovation and achieve remarkable growth.

Throughout this course, participants will delve into five key areas, each carefully curated to provide them with essential insights and practical strategies for business success:

1) Business Models Fundamentals:

  • Explore the concept and relevance of a business model.

  • Discover different types of business models and their applications.

  • Master essential business model development tools.

2) Business Model Canvas:

  • Dive into the dynamics of the Business Model Canvas (BMC).

  • Gain a deep understanding of the nine components of the BMC.

  • Learn how these components interact and integrate to form a cohesive business model.

  • Apply your knowledge through real-world case studies and interactive workshops.

3) Strategic Innovation & Value Creation:

  • Unleash the power of your business model as a strategic tool.

  • Explore innovative approaches to value creation through business models.

  • Embrace futuristic business models that drive sustainable competitive advantage.

4) Business Growth Tools:

  • Align your sales and marketing strategies for maximum impact.

  • Harness the potential of the Value Proposition Canvas to captivate your target audience.

  • Evaluate and leverage your business ecosystem to unlock growth opportunities.

5) Sustainability Business Model:

  • Understand the impact of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors on businesses.

  • Discover how to adapt ESG principles within your business model.

  • Navigate the realm of sustainable finance and its profound influence on funding opportunities.

Upon completing this course, participants should emerge equipped with the knowledge, insights, and practical tools to enhance, restructure, or even reinvent their business.

Your Instructor

Xyphen Woon Foo Wen

Xyphen Woon Foo Wen

Name : Xyphen Woon Foo Wen

A business, finance and sustainability consultant, specializing in business modelling and strategies, project evaluation and financial strategies. I am also a trainer and coach for business, finance and sustainability topics.

He has numerous years of experience in corporate exercises, managing finance in various industries and involved in sustainability advisory.

1) Business Strategy & Modelling
2) Financial Strategy & Management
3) Financing & Funding
4) Mergers & Acquisitions
5) Corporate Exercises & Restructuring
6) Sustainability Consulting
7) Project Evaluation and Risk Advisory

Woon is a Fellow member of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and was admitted as a Chartered Accountant by the Malaysian Institute of Accountants in 2000.

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